pencil #2

I could not believe that exactly six years yes six years, say it again, six years, I took the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test). The UPCAT is the earliest Admission Test among the Universities in the Philippines. The test once passed would allow you to enter University of the Philippines, one of the top universities in the Philippines. The test is a multiple choice test like any other with different sections — Math, Science, English, Reading Comprehension, Logic. There are four batches — Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon — to this test and it is held simultaneously in different locations.


On the way

I took mine in Bulacan, the province where I was born and lived most of my life in the Philippines. I belonged to the first batch, Saturday morning. I was with two of my classmates, a boy and a girl. I remember I woke up very early that morning it was raining a bit so it was cold. I searched for a cardigan then I remembered I didn’t own any. I went to eat but when I’m nervous no matter how delish the food was I won’t be able to indulge. I was nervous because we were talking about my dream University and a test that would very much impact my life. I even forgot my test permit at school so I had to break in my High School and get it out my locker. The worst? I forgot my pencil. Good thing my friend let me borrow the extra pencil #2. Thank God for spares. Pencil with #2 was the required pencil as instructed. I think the number 2 refers to the lead inside the pencil but who cares, as long as it can write it would be good for me that time but thankfully my friend lend me one.


A, thanks for the pencil #2!

Into the exam

I sat side by side with my friends during the test. We were given about four hours to finish and we had these extra sheets of papers that were for computing/solving problems. I barely use mine because I did not understand any mathematical questions from question number 10 onwards. I wonder how I passed really. And for the Science part, do not even start me with that one. I was only sure with question number 1 and that was it. I left everything to God. Well except the English and Reading Comprehension part, I was sort of confident on those sections. Also, somebody told me that most probably letters B or C would be the best answer so whenever I don’t understand the question I shade the B or the C — mostly depends on the pattern. No brainer. It worked! :p


And another thing, I was starving halfway through the first section. I did not know we can bring snacks!! So while the other  girl who was sitting close to me munched on her picnic-like snacks, my stomach and heart hurt from it all. I wanted to ask her some but I don’t want to be mistaken for cheating. So it was like Hunger Games but the game was only until after four hours then it was a feast.


In summary 

Ericka Mercado, a senior of Colegio de Santa Philomena, took the UPCAT on a cold Saturday morning with no decent breakfast, no cardigan, a forgotten test permit, a borrowed pencil #2, no snacks but only prayers that she might pass the test that would allow her to enter the University of her dreams.


And it was not bad. After months of waiting with the University site always down, she finally confirmed that she did pass the test that allowed her to have good memories of her University life with the best people around.


But remember if you don’t pass the University of your choice after all the hard work and prayers, there is always a reason.


To all the Seniors out there good luck and let God! 🙂

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