Wouldn’t it be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice is my favorite song of all time, easy peasy. The song is an original by the Beach Boys but the version here is by my favourite Zooey Deschanel. I was in High School when I first heard the song in 50 First Dates and it easily became my favorite probably because of the melody that is easy to follow and the song that is not hard to sing. Plus listen to the message, don’t you agree that …

… when you were little you wish to be old? That being old is like the solution to your teenage dramas and problems? 

Movie reference: 13 going on 30.

When I was in High School I cant wait for it to be over to go to College. High School was a bit painful for me. YAK, emo. It was the phase that I can’t wait to be over so I can be a grown up, move out of the house, be legal, and control my life for once. And I actually did. I went to attend University and I lived in a dormitory — proof I moved out. I became of legal age at the end of my freshman year, and I had the control over my life. I went to parties if I wanted to and even if I had curfew, well who cares. But in truth, I was still a kid, I did not have a job and I rely on my parents for money for my tuition, dormitory, allowance and everything else. I did not have real money of my own.


And as I exited the youth group category, I was not exactly treated as an adult until, I was exiled out of my home country and flew to North America. And God, I hate being not a kid anymore, I wanted to turn back time.


I thought that being older meant being happier because you are free but no it was the complete opposite. As people age and learn more, they get sadder. They know they have more things that they would not be able to get right away or not even ever in their existence, say the one that got away. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Older people have more bills to pay, additional responsibilities, more work, it is more stressful when you get older. Canada made me a lot older and I do not say this face-wise because I am bebe face. I am Bebe you know. They even ask for my ID. But in terms of taking control of moving, decisions which network to subscribe, what company to work for, which crowd to hang out with, there’s a lot of responsibilities I wish I didn’t have now. I can’t take it anymore, but everybody gets old unless you’re Peter Pan. Maybe I should call him and let him fly me to Neverland :p

So what’s my point really?

There is always a time for everything. Time for play, time for work, time for party and a time for yourself. Waiting is part of the process as well. You cannot force to grow up when you are still a kid. Nothing is done overnight. Easy come, easy go. So invest in something that can actually stay for a little while longer. There are no shortcuts in life maybe just on the road.

Sooner or later you will realize, all things will eventually fall into place — the way you never imagine possible.

Just let God. 

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