happy Her month!

As the weather drops, the leaves fall and the suffix -ber suddenly appears at the end of the following months, we all know that it is a sign that Christmas is coming! Yes, the Christmas holiday season is here. But that is only in the Philippines, here it means another change of season, another school year and another pair of boots to buy. AUTUMN is upon us.

In Greek mythology, it was the time when Persephone was allowed to go back to Hades in the underworld. In the Americas, it was the month when they were attacked and a bunch of lives were lost — 9/11. In Roman Catholic, it is the birthday month of Mother Mary.

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In  our High School, this celebration is one of the most important event all year round. This is when we pray novenas for her with daily masses and scheduled morning, afternoon and night vigils. It is when our school including student, staff and parents even alumni get involved in the celebration. September 8 is the date when I can remember having the procession while praying the rosary, wearing our white shirts with the year’s design of Mama Mary, Dads holding their torches of fire alongside the statue of Mama Mary, alumni looking slightly smug and showing themselves off what they have become while attending their Colleges and Universities and pre schoolers running around finally lining up to their respective places.

And capping the night off with a dinner in those styrofoam distributed by those in charge and everyone cleaning up after. I miss the celebration where everyone is so happy because today there would be none for me to attend to, only an autumn season and a celebration on my own if I want to. But she deserves it, every mom does, to be praised for being someone’s mother. I don’t think it was ever easy. Big thank you to all the MOTHERS! 🙂

Mama Mary, intercede and pray for us.

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