Canadian, eh?

TIFF is dedicated to presenting the best of international and Canadian cinema to film lovers.

What began as a ten-day film festival has grown to embrace programming 365 days a year. TIFF offers screenings, lectures, discussions, festivals, workshops industry support and the chance to meet filmmakers from Canada and around the world.

If you love film, you’ll love it here.

Our mission is to transform the way people see the world.

Our vision is to lead the world in creative and cultural discovery through the moving image.

TIFF. For the love of film.

The Toronto International Film Festival has become the launching pad for the best of international, Hollywood and Canadian cinema, and is recognized as the most important film festival after Cannes.


The history of FAN EXPO CANADA™ began with the launch of the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in 1995. It humbly began with only five guests at the breathtaking Roy Thompson Hall, which accommodated only 1500 attendees.

With the continued success of the Expo, the venues, however, changed to accommodate the growing number of fans, guests, celebrities, and exhibitors. These included the Holiday Inn on King in 1996 and eventually to the home of FAN EXPO CANADA™ : the Metro Toronto Convention Center in 1997.

Each year the Expo has a phenomenal celebrity guest list who sign autographs, host presentations and conduct question and answer sessions with their fans.

FAN EXPO CANADA™ has become one of the most famous 
and fan events in the world, the largest of its kind in 
all of Canada!


Tim Hortons is a Canadian fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts. It is also Canada’s largest fast food service with over 3000 stores nationwide (source).

The very first Tim Hortons store opened on Ottawa Street in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964. Ron Joyce was the store’s first successful franchisee.

Few could have imagined that a 1,500 square foot coffee and donut shop opened in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964 would become the launching pad for a giant Canadian chain. Ron Joyce managed to get three successful stores running by 1967 and became a full partner with Tim Horton.

It wasn’t until December, 1994 that a Tim Hortons franchise was opened in Horton’s hometown of Cochrane, Ontario (source).

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