His death became a Trending Topic on Twitter. My homepage showed his face smiling with his chin on his hand signature look. I am sure he never knew my existence — very cliche I know — but I was affected by Steve Jobs’ death. I never bothered to look up his pictures before since I simply did not care. But this week, it was the most familiar face I know. Especially after seeing this video where he gave a speech on the commencement day at Stanford University.

Steve Jobs said to trust, trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future. After I read the YOUNG, EDUCATED, UNEMPLOYED from the Star, I got scared for my future. If there are these young people who are far greater than I am, what do I have to not end up like them. I am currently pursuing Specialized Honors in Communication Studies and Rhetorics at York University and I am in my last year. But I can’t help but wonder, after all these hard work and school, what’s in it for me? Where do I go and what do I do?

I feel all the insecurities because I only specialized in Communication Studies, I just moved and I do not know a lot about the country. While my competition have double degrees, some have a major and a minor and what do I have again? A SINGLE MAJOR. I am not talking myself down or anything but I am being realistic. If you were the employer, of course you would hire the person with better education right?

But I am not settling, like what Steve Jobs would tell you — DO NOT SETTLE. Look for something you love. And I am determined to do just that. I may only have that Specialized Honors, no other minor and definitely no double majors, but if I search for what I love, I won’t have to work any day of my life. And I trust these dots, these present dots that I will soon connect with the future dots of my life. TRUST.  It will make sense.

When you’re deciding on something, do it out of love and you can never go wrong.

inMemory  Steve Jobs 1955 -2011

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