How I met your.. MY LOVER


Kids, the very first text message E sent me was a simple Hi and unfortunately I fell for the trap. No, let me rephrase that, it was the best trap I had fallen for, EVER. It has been a whole five years of crazy and I do not regret one bit into replying to that one word hell of a text.

In this life, it is hard to find something you both love and something you are most certain about. But my relationship gave me both — the certainty and the love. So it does not matter to me how long I have to wait, though at times I honestly wish that waiting would be over soon, because it is worth every second to milli second of my time. 

When E and I were at the start of the painful [sic] process of dating, we were naive kids who may have confused some stupid things with other important things. The longer time we were together, the more we discover things that were not as what we thought out to be — unpleasant things about each other, disgusting habits, weaknesses.. In short, a lot of imperfections. But we remained together. 

We grew together and we may not realize it before when we were together, physically, but that makes it more interesting. And oddly enough, it just gets better every year that passed by. 

As more opportunities present itself in front of me, the more I become sure that YOU ARE MY PERSON and I WANTED MY LONGEST PHASE BE SPENT WITH YOU.

PA MAKITA KO hihihihi ❤
para kang UPCAT
kasi sure ako na 
ikaw gusto ko i-take ❤

And I dont want to say the L-word because this post is as trivial as it is..

.. yeah whatever. LOVE YOU PUGS 🙂

 Anyone can be passionate 
but it takes real lovers to be silly...
...and this is me being silly. 
Ang swerte mo ah 😛

Before I forget the reason behind this additional cheese, HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!!! ANG TANDA MO NA! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA alam kong madaming maniniwala! :>

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