Perspective: who got served?

Earlier today in my Interactive Art and Entertainment Class, which by far my favourite class this year, we had this activity of creating our own version of a part in Raymond Queneau’s original story — Exercises de style

I wanted to share this because our topic was about perspective. On how a story changes when told on a different point of view. Perspective comes from the writer and you know what they say about our life being a story and we are its writers 🙂


From Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau, Translated by Barbara Wright, New Directions: New York, 1981.


In the S bus, in the rush hour.  A chap of about 26, felt hat with a cord instead of a ribbon, neck too long, as if someone’s been having a tug‑of‑war with it.  People getting off.  The chap in question gets annoyed with one of the men standing next to him.  He accuses him of jostling him every time anyone goes past.  A snivelling tone which is meant to be aggressive.  When he sees a vacant seat he throws himself on to it.

Two hours later, I meet him in the Cour de Rome, in front of the gare Saint- Lazare. He’s with a friend who’s saying: “You ought to get an extra button put on your overcoat.” He shows him where (at the lapels) and why. 

Perspective: The Girlfriend’s


So yeah I saw him practically running towards me in Cour de Rome, in front of the Gare Saint- Lazare. I have been waiting for two hours already! He was late yet again. He even brought one of his “close” friends who won’t shut up about a button that – according to the “close” friend – was missing on his coat. Well yeah, wonder where that button was. Maybe in my apartment.

As he breathes heavily while telling me the story behind his tardiness, I noticed he was wearing a new hat I have never seen before. It was with a cord instead of a ribbon but some things never change – his neck was still too long like a giraffe and did I mention he was late? Oh yeah, I did.

And this is what he said. This “close” friend of his dragged him to this new open bar near his work place and of course, it slipped his mind that we were to meet earlier than usual. Surprise, surprise, when he realized our supposed early meeting it was already the rush hour and what’s new, it took him a while to catch that S bus which was the rarest of all the buses. He won’t also stop talking about this person inside the bus who keeps pushing him. This made him feeling competitive to take the next vacant seat inside the bus. He was so happy he said this other person got served!

After his glorious moment, I broke up with him because I am too fed up with the person that he is becoming. But apparently he is dating this “close” friend of his. He turned out to be gay. I got served!

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