God has bigger plans

Today marks the second year anniversary of my stay here in CANADA. And so what? I just wanted to share with you. Am I not allowed to? 😛


I had always believed that:

God has bigger plans for me than I have for myself.

(Yes, I got this from A Walk To Remember)

Maybe I was contented with what I have before but God said, “MY CHILD, ERICKA, YOU’RE DESTINED FOR SOMETHING MORE”. 

I know this is a very late reaction, imagine, two years. Two years before I realize that God might have had a better plan for me. I often say it, that yes, this move is for the better without actually meaning it. But now, I am starting to see it. God indeed is the best. Despite of all the tests, presentations and papers I have due this week and the following weeks, God is still amazing. God will forever be amazing only I have to trust Him. But I am human and a lot of times I fall off my faith.

God gave me heartaches, He made me suffer sometimes but only because He wanted me to learn and realize that in His perfect timing, everything will be perfect and happy. And what a boring life it will be if it weren’t for the dramas and conflicts I have to solve. Problems make life sweeter and worth living. Cliche but true 🙂

Never doubt God. He knows what's best.

One thought on “God has bigger plans

  1. And you said what is true. Cliche: is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect.

    To remember the original in Jesus, or to experience what others testify to, is to remember truth. Only man will call that rememberance cliche. His people know better.

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