Rules of Separation

Yesterday as I watched the latest episode of Desperate housewives, I was inspired to make a post about the rules of separation. Lynette and Tom my favorite couple in Wysteria Lane was going through a separation. BUT I HAVE BEEN USED TO SEEING THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH. They were supposed to be together forever!

But forever is just a fancy word. (c) Janina Mercado

These are the rules I have picked on while watching them battle through their downfall:

Make yourself pretty and hot (for boys: handsome and buff)

This is the best you can do for yourself since you have been broken apart. You need to get out there. Life does not and will never stop for anybody — yes, not even for you.

Mind your own business

Do not spy on the new love of your past love. First, you will end up getting hurt and more furious than you’re already are. Second, it is no longer your business, this will only be detrimental to your moving on process.

Do not over think every word  

You can only analyze every word your past love tells you only if you are Sherlock Holmes. Do not investigate, do not think every little detail because I promise they do not mean anything. You are just mind fucking your own brain.

Date when you’re ready and not for revenge

The strongest come back that your past love will envy you for is happiness. Genuine and real happiness. Date someone that makes you happy. Do not date someone you will only use as a trophy. IT WOULD NOT WORK FOR ANY PARTIES — not for yourself, not for your past love and not for the new person.

Be honest 

Given you get back out in the dating world, be honest with everything you say. A relationship that started out with a lie will probably turn up bad or worse tragic (ie Romeo and Juliet). Secrecy is not a good thing. Start clean and fresh!

Be discreet

If you found a new love, then good for you but respect your past lover’s feeling. We are all humans with feelings so don’t plaster everywhere that you found a new love (after X days). Give it some months. Don’t be so heartless, give the ex some time to recover.

It is not a race

Finding a new love is not a race. Take your time. Do not find it. Do not compete to have it. Remember 1Corinthians 13:4. That’s exactly what love is and how it is supposed to be.

For sure there are still a lot of rules out there, these are just some that I personally know of. If God takes a good thing from you, He will definitely replace it with something better. He only wants what is best for you.


About Tom and Lynette’s split, I am still hoping there’s hope. I am such a fan. 

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