I love joining bandwagons so I am going to write about Manny Pacquiao versus Manuel Marquez fight. And hello I am 100% Filipino in mind, heart, spirit and everything else. Anyway, this third and final fight between Marquez and Pacquiao seemed to be the most controversial among the others. Some say it was not fair because it was obvious that Marquez had it in most rounds. I did not personally watched the fight, yes boo me, because I fell asleep. I watched the news though through the Filipino Channel and what I saw was Manny Pacquiao’s faith.


During the final round when it was all over, did you see Manny Pacquiao? Did you see how he did not raise his gloved hand unlike Marquez?


Instead, Manny knelt down and prayed.

That made all the difference.
Pacquiao may had had that feeling of
 uncertainty with regards to winning
but he let go and let God.


A lot of people said Marquez should have won. Experts said Pacquiao was not aggressive as before. Fans were reportedly disappointed by Manny’s performance.


But what I learned from the fight was not the unfairness of it all — of the judges and such — because the judges were there for a reason. They were chosen as the authorities for that specific fight because they were qualified so we can never question their decision on who they think won the fight. We can give our opinions, yes, but that does not qualify us as the authorities to make decisions for the fight.


Let us not make bad assumptions about Manny, his team or the judges rather let us be thankful and be happy that Manny won and once again put the Filipino flag up for us Filipinos. Let us pride ourselves with his victory instead of starting gossip and criticizing the judges for their decision or Manny because of his performance. It is what it is.


Not happy with the decision?

One word: Respect.

It is not easy to fight those 12-round of unstoppable rain of punches.

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