Simbang Gabi

The Simbang Gabi is a series of masses held before Christmas. It is actually a type of a novena mass. Back in the Philippines this means waking up early, grabbing a cardigan or a sweat shirt or something thicker than the usual and attending the mass at 4 in the morning. Well it varies depending on your Church. It is sometimes 5 or 6. But anyway there is also the nigh version of the Simbang Gabi. They say this is to accommodate the people who are not able to attend the early morning one. I say this night version is for the lazy people like me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But hey, A for effort since it is still a series of masses you have to come to.

My mom and dad are both Christians like most people in the Philippines and they always take my sister and I to attend the Simbang Gabi. This is one of the highlights of my year back then. To be able to participate and complete the series of masses is something huge for a kid. Simbang Gabi signals the spirit of Christmas for me. The cold weather, the puto bumbong, the Christmas songs, the familiar faces who also join the masses these all speak of December. It is going to be Jesus’ birthday soon!!!

Good thing in our Church here in Canada they have the Simbang Gabi too. And it is in Tagalog. OHA, no nosebleed for me only runny nose. And this is the only thing that gets me excited as of the moment. I wish to complete this year’s Simbang Gabi because it is one fulfilling event that I can commit to this year πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Simbang Gabi

  1. Hello Judy!

    Natauhan ako sa sinabi mo e. TAMA! TUMPAK! MALAKING CHECK! hahahahaha dapat nga one draft at a time. Ito na I’ll keep them coming na! woot πŸ™‚

    I miss you ❀

  2. Totally inspiring, Ericka. πŸ˜‰ For this year, I shall try to complete the 9 mornings so I could really feel the Christmas season. YAY!

    On another note, how cool is that that you have Tagalog Masses? :”>

    • it’s so cool. i think because there’s a lot of Filipinos in our area. BUTI NA LANG! hahahahaha! Okay let this be our goal this Christmas. Let us Simbang Gabi and be blessed πŸ™‚

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