Branding in America’s Next Top Model

One of my classes when I was an undergrad in the University of the Philippines was about Public Relations. Up to this day I still look back and visit my memory bank for the lessons that I would need to represent myself well out there. Our professor did not teach us solely for the corporate world, he also helped us be prepared for the real (this is more of an inside joke) world. In this season’s America’s Next Top Model, previous contestants from the past seasons were invited. They were invited not only to be models but to represent a brand that is mostly who they are in real life. They were called the All Stars.

Branding became very crucial and was an added challenge because the models’ picture should reflect whatever their brand is. Branding should be consistent. One episode in specific emphasized the importance of the consistency of branding. The episode highlighted branding during the elimination between Allison and Laura.

Unique VS Loveable

Unique was Allison’s brand (model on the left) while Laura (model on the right) should own the Loveable word. But somewhere along the way, Laura’s pictures turned very sensual as what the judges say. Nigel Barker in particular said how Laura’s quirky behind the scene personality did not match how she was photographed. She did not represent her brand well.

Those two models were my best bet this season and I was sad that Laura was sent home though I was happy Allison made it to the finals but unfortunately didn’t win the season. But Allison is the perfect example of being consistent with her branding. She lives it.



Branding is not only important in the corporate world. In our lives, we each have our own branding and the good news is we choose which branding best suits us. Branding is not permanent because there would always be a re-branding. You can always change and innovate. But remember like in the rules of Public Relations, there is also the element of timing and re-branding is not something you do everyday, you sometimes wait for it until the perfect moment comes.

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