this is what I hear pretty

It is not new to anyone that I, Ericka Mercado, love to watch any kind of films, shows, broadway, etc. Low and High Culture, it would not matter as long as it is decent. So when it comes to music, I rarely have any opinion, I am almost afraid that it only means I know nothing about music. But let me share to you some of the artists that I find awesome with the respective songs I find appealing to my ears.


Vampire weekend has been on my loop since 2009 when I came to Canada. I don’t know if you find it emo but I find it so classy. Their songs fit perfectly for one spring drive right about when the air’s not that hot as in the summer and not as cold in the winter.


I got acquainted with Jack’s Mannequin back as an undergrad in UP. Alvina told me about the good news. The band is good news and since watching them live back in 2010 I fell more deeply in love with their music, most especially with the main man and his grand piano.


Rise Against is actually a rock band that has some serious yelling-in-your-ear-it-will-bleed-and-fall factor but regardless, their song swing life away speaks gently in your ear and will make you wish you can hear them live.


The foo fighters is classic. I mean who does not know them? This particular song if you read through the lyrics demands your emotions to be taken into a different level (or maybe it is just me) though the music video says otherwise.


Same as the Vampire Weekend, Raveonettes has been on my loop since 2009 and I heard them live in 2011. It was the exact same thing on how they record. They are crazy talented. I can listen to them all day while I read my favourite book in any given free day. But I would prefer the summer season.


I don’t want to call them my favourite songs or anything like that rather they are my type of music. You are entitled to your own and I would continue sharing more of these types as we go into 2012. I am still in the process of immersing myself into more music though I don’t have really any specificity since I am the girl who loves Justin Bieber (go ahead and judge) well he doesn’t sound that bad. He is adorable that’s all. Music is art and art is subjective.



One thought on “this is what I hear pretty

  1. haha! Belieber and proud! I love your blog’s new face–like Vamp Weekend and Raveonettes–it’s classy! :> Pero itd be more classy if you transfer to blogspot. muhihihi

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