Mind blown

Things that gave me sleepless nights in the year 2011:


Hunger Games  

It was only in the first quarter of this year that I found out about this awesome trilogy. And it took me about 8 weeks, 2311231 tumblr posts,  5 new books and 7 other shows to get over the novel. I was just obsessed with the heroine and the fact that it was not just a love story but a revolution of some sort. I talked about it at work, I bought the hardbound which I rarely do since I love reading the electronic version of books, I dreamt about it and even fan girl with my girlfriends endlessly in various networking sites. It was crazy. I cried in the bus upon watching the full trailer which was released on a Monday morning here in Canada. This trilogy made me look like an idiot sometimes but yeah I would still take that  regard since I adore it so much. I am a fan.


Breaking Bad

I heard about the show from a friend so I checked it out and found the 9.4 rating in IMDB. The other shows I watched does not even reach 9. Well I thought to myself maybe I should watch more sensible shows so I could not only fan girl but actually learn from what I watch. Breaking bad asks you questions about morality that sometimes I reflect about it at night before going to sleep. It is not about plotting and scheming to get at someone but it puts the audience in a position where they can think if the character’s choices were right or would they have done the same if they were in the story. The badass Mr White plus his partnership with the hot Jessse Pinkman does not hurt the good plot of the story too.

Like crazy

You’d think that Like Crazy is just a typical kind of indie movie with all its silent stills, its slow sometimes annoying pace but I relate to it. Not gratifying the ending kept me some nights thinking about it that I recommend it to some of my friends (Hi Nash Albacea) so we can discuss because I was lost, I felt like how I interpreted the ending was not how it is supposed to be understood. I can’t provide any spoilers because as I said the ending was a mind fucker. But it was one of the better love stories I have seen in a while because it was a depiction of how real love can be. It was not perfect and ideal but it shows different sides to it.

Josh Hutcherson

You don’t even want me to begin my love for Josh Hutcherson. I never thought he can turn out to be this hot. Oh Peeta, my Peeta! I had loved him from the Bridge to Terabithia and even Zathura and I will love him more now that he is about to portray the boy with the bread in the Hunger Games franchise. His perfect jaw shall make good babies. Well that’s what he said!

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta (with his blonde sexy hair) :

His jaw is enough to keep me up all night. For like til the release of the movie in March. You grew up to be a fine young man, Josh, indeed.

AP COMN 3350: Communication Policy

This, unlike the above entries, is different. It roots deeper. It is a school requirement that I find so stressful. There will be no pictures, no videos, no memes, just plain school requirement that is finally over. Well I hope to pass the course. It is about communication policy so this is a warning to those who go to York University and who major in Communications. AP COMN 3350 is a challenging course that will shake your brains and eat you alive (no, I kid about the eat you alive of course). But seriously if you enjoy law-ish things, go ahead but if not, this is a fair warning.


“Life is something that happens when you can’t get to sleep.”

 ~Fran Lebowitz

Happy New Year to all 🙂 


One thought on “Mind blown


    It has been with utmost pleasure that I get to fangirl with you, Ericka! I love you & I miss you so hop on the first flight & get here! ❤

    Happy New Year, my love! 🙂

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