My Racing Thoughts

The last day of January was the highlight of my month even better than my birthday. January is my birth month and it can’t get any more awesome than yesterday.

I saw Andrew McMahon once again after more than a year. It was August 7, 2010 when I first saw him live when he played with his band Something Corporate at Kool Haus. Yesterday January 31 2012, I saw him again and this time he played with his band Jack’s Mannequin.

Guitars are too mainstream. WANT TO KNOW WHY? 

 I have to thank Alvina for sharing their music to me. Hi Alvina! Thank you! Pictures for you!

I had been following Andrew McMahon from Something Corporate to Jack’s Mannequin. Andrew is a cancer survivor. He used to have leukaemia. He also has this Dear Jack foundation. I think that the experience just made him a better musician. I love how he explains and tells the stories behind his songs. Yesterday he told us about the story behind the Last Straw. He said he does not want to be political but he hated the president the time he wrote the song explaining the line “ did he become the president?” (i.e. President GB). He told us we can download that specific song illegally and he would not care. He made cursing so damn sexy and  classy. That, I still have to learn. And they have confetti! I love confetti! They had the confetti during their last song LaLaLie (…and I’ve got friends *confetti* help me pull through la la la lie the space man that can’t get high I’m coming back to my girl by July).

Their live performance is flawless. I have to say that whoever the light guy is, you have done a wonderful job. The stage production with all the different lights manipulated made the performances awesome, great, terrific, superb (sorry poor dictionary). Sometimes you would think that you are watching a music video because of the rays of lights coming from the back of the stage perfectly shining through Andrew and his grand piano. YES, HE HAD HIS GRAND PIANO. I have so many emotions that words are failing me right now. So for you to visualize here are some shots taken by my sister Kim.

Jack’s Mannequin’s recent album is People and Things with the first single My Racing Thoughts. I suggest you go check it out.

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