Read, it sure helps!

If there is one thing I regret in this lifetime, it would be not reading early on in my life. Because of the realization, I forced my sister to read and to start early. And I know she benefits from it now. I started immersing myself when I was almost done High School. The books I read before that phase would only be the ones that were required by my teachers. If I had known that reading can help me so much I would have started like Matilda and never stop until I die. But as they say, nothing is ever too late. So I started  reading and it got crazy especially when I first had my own laptop. I named him Torch. I would ask Alvina for free ebooks. I would read everything off my computer until I fall asleep. It was weird to look at. But I also buy the actual books if I find the story dear to me. I have my standards in doing this. It also depends on my budget.

Reading helps my writing. It helps me discover new words and new ideas. It even takes me to an Alice-kind-of-Wonderland. It is unbelievable. Sometimes books make me so immersed that I skip meals. It makes me forget that the story is fictional and I have to let go of the characters once I am done reading their stories. Books are good best friends. They give you power you don’t even know you have.

And in that cue, let me share The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. It won the Best Animated Short Film Award in this year’s recently held Oscars. It is for all the book lovers out there. It made me tear up a bit. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Read, it sure helps!

    • I love your list, Alvina 🙂 Your list inspires me to do one of my own. Will definitely read the books from your list once school is over (just 5 more weeks!).

      Let’s read more happy books!

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