Jetpack Joyride — no car just shoes

As I finally got out of school (not my favourite moment in time, no more allowances 😐 ), I went out of my way and enjoyed myself like there is no tomorrow. I am so selfish, it hurts.

Anyway, it is not as if I do not deserve this because in fact, I do. After all the hardwork, I am finally back in my home town where I am as comfortable as a peacock. Ayyyy, alright let me say it again.. “I am comfortable as a rooster” since it is a more native thing to say.

I have not gone out that much (to the beach). I mean you know I am not the beach type of person. I am more of the city-loving netizen since I have been staying far too long in the rural. I just had to enjoy the city and the night life and all there is to life ❤


Izumi Bar after Mercato Night with Nash, Jona and Arven — Global City, Taguig 

After eating some overpriced isaw for Php40.00/each (still can’t get over), Jona, Nash and I headed to Izumi with me still jet-lagging and sleeping at the back of the big boy. We met Arven and he treated us some booze. Yes you heard it, I drank a lot, a lot of ICED TEA!! Thanks, allergens for a very sober night.


Caffe Ti Amo dessert place after Jel Directo’s Mesa treat for the bums — Greenbelt

Since E and I are unemployed, my very loving and generous other babe, Jel, treated us some Filipino food in case I miss it while away in Canada. Thank you babe for sparing a couple of thousands to make us happy.


Timber meeting place at MoA — (minus Judy na may quota pa)

If this picture has a dialogue it probably says, “TAGAL NI JUDIYA!” But thank you Judy for this photo op. We wouldn’t have taken it if you were early.


Timber reunited and whole (4/4) in Music Bank, Pasay

Finally, the long wait was over. Judy came after twenimilyen years. We went to do some of our favourite past time and hobby, karaoke-ing. Kaya pala bumagyo that day?


Sutra, High Street Central with best friend Denise Cua and friend Jel Directo

Here are my Nuffnang friends. I hope I can be the next Nuffnang girl. I wanted to join their club. So we had three restaurant choices but ended up dining in Sutra — not one of our options. Nonetheless, it was one of the best dine out I had. The experience pulls me more into wanting to work in that area. AHHHH!!!


Ace Water Spa, Pasig c/o generous Canadians Tita Clara, Tita Tina and Tita Cel (THANK YOU PO!!)

As a way of bonding, my cousins and I decided to have a monthly dose of UMBE (Ultimate Mercado Bonding Experience) and celebrate birthdays together. The Ace experience was our very first UMBE. Glad that we have all the Senior Mercados’ support.


Movie Night + late dinner in Shangrila with successful attendees (BFF Wyn, Lady Paula, Nash, Ate Lou, Ate Ana and the very skinny Leah — kumain ka more please)

You could not simply watch Magic Mike with anyone. You have to experience Magic Mike together with your girls. And I have the best set of girls to enjoy it with. I have to tell you there were a lot of gasping and searching for air involved. I have to warn you also not to mention this to your boyfriend. Oh wait, he knows it already. Too late.


Random HOHOL with vain Arvin, Gateway Mall

Arvin and I are a weird duo but whatever we can be weird together. AWWWWW!!! I bet you’re crying right now like a distressed hamster. More HOHOL bespren poww please!!!

And the result: I am now nearing the stage of being a total broke. I am semi broke. Getting there!

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