Cheese to Cheese

As all of you know, I had been having a secret affair behind my parents back! No, I am kidding. I am actually a mistress. OK, fine. I have been having this long distance relationship with some boy named Edward. Yep, this is it. This is the PR release of my boy. Hold on to your seats, girls and boys.

Edward and I do not have an anniversary. We do no celebrate monthsaries. We’re too cool for that! But the real score is, we have been going out since Day 1 of my College life. Binakuran na niya talaga ako noon pa lang. It started out as something casual. We were not even friends. We had a very weird relationship. There is not any word for it. Even Ramon Bautista would not be able to describe it. We were not abangers. We were not friends with benefits. We were just two separate entities having some lunch together or movie together or even some long ass bus rides to Bulacan together. We even had that phase when we just stopped doing things together. I had my own thing. He had his own. And then we got back to doing things together again and voila I had to leave for Canada. He was not even the one to drop me off the airport when I was leaving. He had his own flight too. The thing about our relationship is, it is as bare as it can get. It is frank, painfully honest and brutal sometimes but nonetheless, in its realest form.


Edward: The summary of our relationship. Me: Ah ganun. OK lang pooooww!

After being apart for straight 2 years and 8 months, please excuse our cheesiness (as shown in the pictures) and if we tell you we’ve got a date, understand us, it has been way too long since our last.



Edward getting smarter. I, on the other hand, getting fatter. It is what I do best.


And for everyone asking how long have we been together, the answer is: unknown. We do not even know it ourselves. We have not exactly counted.

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