Rally 2012

Maganda ako dito! Period. Hi Ella!

I have been staying for four months now in the Philippines. Aside from spending all my money taking a cab instead of public transportation, I have found a job!!! YAYYYY ME!!!

I started back in August after the tragic Habagat hit the country. From then on, I have been seen in different locations where I talked to a bunch of people about a cause I believed in. But that is not the point of this post. This post would be about the recent event in our company where I proudly invited my dad who was visiting for two weeks. He is back in Toronto as I type. Good thing, my dad accepted my invitation but he had his plus 2’s and I gladly informed my manager about it.

In the end, I attended the event with my dad plus two of my uncles – Tito Cery and Tito Cesar. It was a very formal event held in Hotel InterContinental Manila. Some people received awards; I didn’t get any (was only a month in the company, okay). Five of the country heads, plus one of the VPs of the company gave inspirational and educational talks (separate post about it).  The colour themes of the event were red and black. I chose black for obvious reasons (see picture above for reference).  Now, let me show you some MORE pictures so you can visualize the whole thing ;p

The brothers from the same mother!

I suddenly miss MY mommaaaa!!! I miss you DODAbabes!

Proof they got to the Intercon Hotel ;p

Elevator shot

L-R: Eddie boy, Ninong Cesar, Dadu Zery, myself, Janunaberkth

All the boys from One Synergy Office

Award winner feel picture

My favourite picture of them all! My legs look skinny

My team — Team GG (Good Gamers!)

Favourite friends from Appco — Chuckie and Seng

Girls from One Synergy Office

The event was called a Rally not because it is a protest but it is an event recognizing and celebrating people who did great for the past 6 months in the company. Good job, awardees!



I am not an awardee, I am only an attendee ;p

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