Thursday and Saturday

As I have mentioned from my previous post, I have been staying in the Philippines for four months now. But the thing is, I still have not seen some of my batchmates from UP Manila. And yes that is going to be you, Joanna Armendez. So finally after four overdue months, I have seen Ping Ping live and in person. Yes, parang artista lang. Ikaw Ayessa Parayno, when? When?

It was a Thursday when I met up with Paula, Alvina, Jona, Lou and Ping. We went to dine at Conti’s Greenbelt.

Early Birds

With the late comers ;p

For a more detailed post about it, click me.

But the fun did not stop from there, we had our Saturday blocked from any other schedule except for the girls’ trip. This time, Nash was present but Jona was not able to make it.

Final head count: Nash, Lou, Paula, Ping and Bebe.

First stop: Caleruega 

From what I know, Caleruega is a go to religious place. Aside from that, I know absolutely nothing. So it was my first time going to the place. As much as I want to share my personal experience on how to get there by driving, I was only a passenger giving Ping moral support and some chit chats along the way. Maybe next year, I would. Wait for it, okay? Here are some photos grabbed from either Ping or Nash.

The absolutely stunning church

Garden Cafe cos I was hungry and they had to feed me or else…

The obligatory group shot where the tour started. Thanks, inventor of self timed cameras.

manong-papicture-naman-kami-sa-harap-ng-church shot

And guess what else we did during our stay in Caleruega. After crossing the Hanging Bridge (see picture below), we hiked! Okay, mini-pseudo hiked. We also made a plan to hike Mt Pinatubo, in the near future, mga next week na guys. We can do it! HOOOOOP. Wag ambitious masyado, ang puso.

kids: “dali dali yugyugin natin para matakot sila tumawid” bring it on, kids! 🙂

hiking? really?

we reached the “church” therefore, we should take a picture. self time it!


Nash the photog

Ping the blogger

Lou the tourist

Bebe the foodie

Paula the workaholic

Second Stop: Tootsie’s

After all the “hiking”, obviously, the foodie got hungry and they had no choice but to bring me to the best place they know. I don’t know what our criteria of best is but we read a blog that lists Tootsie’s as a good place to eat. So here we are to satisfy our hungry bumbums.


Third Stop: Alpine Village

One from our group works in the same company that has something to do with the Alpine Village at Crosswinds. It is not I. I promise. Anyway, because there’s a launching of some sort, we grabbed the opportunity and roamed inside the village. The results:

Santa’s babies

For Sale!

And because Paula, Ping and I took so many stopovers, we ended up late for the bike and boat ride. As a proof, see picture below.

Nash: Late ka kasi Ping so no bike for you. Sorry. Teehee.

Fourth Stop: Nuvali

I have to commend whoever the developer of Nuvali is. Good feel. Good place. I love it. It is like Canada on a springtime so yes I miss my mom. Huhu. But Nash let me borrow her bike so I am a happy bunny once again. Proof below!

Paula was also allowed to borrow the bike but not Ping hihi

Lou had a difficult time (okay, a trying time) biking that is why she does not have any pictures with/on a bike but I promise not to tell anyone about it.

OOHHH!! WOOOOPSIESSS!! But because she was still able to rode a bike, she treated us Uncle Cheffy. Yay for the foodie! Look at me, I was bursting with happiness!

Pizza-like taco things. I was in awe!

And you’d think that was enough food, think again, baby. We went to Purple Oven to have our to-go’s. I went somewhere else to buy something to stuff my face with.

Sugar rush!

Final Stop: Shangri-La Mall

We just watched Argo and boy was it legen– wait for it– dary! Go see it with your dates. Mapapakapit sila sayo :p

Boy, that was a long ass post. And I am sure you are still craving for more so click me. Hope you enjoyed every second of your time wasted looking at our faces 🙂 Until my next post!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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