Up North to Subic

It was a Saturday again so we had to leave cos we had the car and we had the driver. The gas was not a problem. Toll was on us. Where to go? Since we devoured the South last week, it was the time for the North.

Gosh, feels like I am talking about Game of Thrones. Not.

Anyway, our itinerary was only pointed towards one destination: Subic’s Tree Top Adventure. This time we brought only one car in the hopes of bonding more. Surprisingly, one guest showed up and along with the foodie, the photog, the tourist and the blogger, the STAR came mighty with his harlemish pants and hiphop jacket. For this week, we have Arven the Star.

Arven the STAR without his jacket in this picture

It was a long drive and I can’t remember how many toll gates and gas stations we passed by before reaching Subic but we got there eventually around lunch time. So where to eat? The blogger had it all researched and planned. We went to Meat Plus where there was not a single vegetable. Kid. Obviously, it was a steakhouse but I ate Seaburger + Fries. I am a rebel foodie like that.

Meat Plus Cafe
Location Subic Bay Freeport, Zambales
Address Gourmet Food Store, Sampson Rd., Subic Bay Freeport
Phone (63 47) 252-6090/7091


For only Php 620 each, we get to avail three (3) fun activities.

#1: Canopy Ride 

Canopy Ride is like a walk in the park but it’s up in the air version of it. At first, I thought it was going to be boring but I enjoyed it and I was actually challenged on how to ride that thing. Nash was the brave one.

Bebe Lou and Nash

up in the air by 50 feet

I’m one big of a blur

#2: Rappelling

After we crossed a very high hanging bridge, we were harnessed through a pile of safety ropes. Sixty feet high and mighty we were dropped in a span of two seconds facing the ground. If you were to do another drop, it will cost Php150 per person.

After crossing the hanging bridge (Bebe Nash Arven)

Flying sexy Arven

view from down below

#3: Superman

Think of ziplining. Yes that’s it but with a partner along your side.


After the Treetop Adventure, Arven the Star wanted to go to the boardwalk and have his beer by the shore. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for his beer but we had time for some pictures! OH YEAH!

Some pictures by the Lighthouse:


It was eating time once again and we had to go where the blogger has planned to. We went through the red light district of Pampanga and landed on Iguana’s (and/or Zapata’s). OKAY, this was a safe place but the surrounding bars were not. We did Mexican for dinner and we ordered a table full of Enchiladas, Burritos, and something else that sounded Mexican.

Not sure if.. we’re happy customers. Hahaha!

All pictures were from Nash and Ping.

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