I am a DJ of mixes

This is an attempt to respond to Nasha’s cool mix of songs.

So my girls and I were on a roadtrip and  we were teasing about our playlists. I played my Crazy Heart Soundtrack and they were not too impressed about it. I devised and tried to DJ-ed in what I have and voila, they complimented my mix. I am so proud of myself. It’s not everyday that people compliment your taste in music, okay. Here are some of my picks. Feel free to comment cooler songs so I can be updated too.


Lonely Boy – Black Keys (as heard on Warm Bodies)

Terrible Love – Birdy

Gravity – Rilo Kiley

Dead Hearts – Stars (as heard on Like Crazy)

Seaside – The Kooks

Wallpaper for the Soul – Tahiti 80

Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons

Your Bones – Of Monsters and Men

The Mixed Tape – Jack’s Mannequin

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