Dear Edwards,

To my dearest Edward,

Let me be old school and communicate in a way that we are both not used to. Today marks the last day of my favorite month. Well aside from the fact that it is my birth month, it is also the same month where you know, I can believe that there is a new beginning and everyone can start anew. Truth is, I never have any plans of starting again because I just want to continue where we left off. I mean we are really in a good point in our relationship to date. The best thing about this month is I get to attend a wedding with you, I would not have it any other way. We experienced many firsts and I always thank the Lord for them. I never regret a single thing. I thank the Lord that we are still here, together and mostly happy. There are days when I am not but I know I am just being my emotional self. Please be less masungit to me at times when I am just being pacute to you. Thank you for understanding that I am a sensitive selfish bitch and that I can be too demanding of your time, effort and attention. I am like a puppy that needs to be fed, pet, and showered but you love me just as much. PLEASE WAG KANG MAGSAWA. I plan to live til my 50’s. I am really pushing it. 

Your clingy girlfriend,



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