Manong Drayber

The awesomeness of jeep drivers

Since I don’t own a car, I go round and about using the public transportation. One thing that I always notice are the jeepney drivers. I know a lot of car owners hate them since they can siksik anywhere and I mean really anywhere. But they amaze me. Things that they can do that amaze me are as follows:

Multi-tasking to the highest level

Heck they drive, collect the fare, distribute the change and even look out for passengers. Meron pa itong kasamang tsismisan pag may pare sila sa front seat. That’s a lot of tasks all in a job.

Remembering all the passengers’ request

As an account executive in my current job, I am always on the field going to places that I have not been consciously. I commute most of the time and I refuse to take a cab since 1) it is expensive; 2) my mom said so; 3) I don’t like being inside one. So I take the jeep and I ask Manong Driver to drop me off the nearest landmark that his route is going to pass through. There are others who do it as well and Manong Driver never forgets to remind us that it is already our stop so we have to get off.

Never forgetting the change

Come on, Manong Driver knows his Math and he never forgets the value for your money.

Good Customer Service

Whenever I get to ride in front of the jeep, one thing never fails, Manong Driver chitchatting me til my stop comes. Good entertainment, no?

Seat arranger

Manong Driver knows how many seats are left, how many are on reserved and how many people can fit in. It is amazeballs on how they can manage it between driving and giving back change to the passengers.

These are just some of the most amazing things they can do for the people of the Philippines like you. Appreciate and respect, their job is not easy.

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