The Impossible

I had to highlight one particular scene from the film The Impossible. Brief background, it was the story of a family based in Japan who had their vacation in Thailand where unfortunately a Tsunami hit separating the family of 5.


I was live tweeting while watching the film at home because I got so affected. The story telling was really great I had to live tweet it and hash tag it as if it were to trend. From the first few minutes of the film, I felt strong emotions especially when the Tsunami hit. I felt nauseous watching it that I felt I was a character in the movie. When the mom and the oldest son were shouting at each other, I had to shout with them too – but only inside. My roommate was still sleeping. When I saw the fresh wound of the mom, God, I really called God to thank Him that I have NOT gone through the experience and please don’t let me experience one. I would not live through it. If I were in the movie, I would be dead after 5 minutes.

But going back to THE SCENE, I was trying to tell you about. Here it is in a non-jpeg form (but more or less sequentially put):


2 3







I mean, I want to be part of the hug and kiss too, man. PUH-LEASE?!

This is the reuniting part of the three boys because ‘someone had to pee’. Nice twist, fate. I was so hopeful when everything stopped and the three kids just had to shout each other’s names while running fast. Again, I want to be part of the hug. Hug me too, please! Then, the daddy showed up and that was when I told myself: this is one heck of a feel-good movie (even if started on a very bad note). I know this will end well. And it did after some I-though-the-mom’s-gonna-die dilemma.

The ending was on a good note with everyone breathing well and happy. I am a fan of happy endings so I definitely love this movie. I love mushy family themed films where they get to be with each other in the end.

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