Top Ten Thoughts on ‘Everyday’

1. I think there’s truth in A’s take on religion after transferring to different bodies belonging to different ones:

                                           “…only reinforces my general impression that religions have much,

                                           much more in common than they like to admit. The beliefs are

                                        almost always the same; it’s just that the histories are different.      

                                               Everybody wants to believe in a higher power. Everybody wants

                                                                    to belong to something bigger than themselves.”

2. Contains a number of good quotes that I shared through my twitter account.

3. I thought that sometimes A gets to be so pretentious. I mean it is OK to expect sometimes and feel of course that you are one important ‘being’ if that is even the case but seriously, even if you are a real live normal person, you just don’t expect somebody to throw everything away for you to make things work. No, you don’t ask anybody that.

4. I cried during the part where A experienced the first funeral. Only because I remembered my late grandpa. Ama, I miss you.

5. The concept is real pure genius that I thought it was a metaphor of people’s everyday lives. A’s situation represents the many limitations our lives can have and how we can be able to surpass it because of love.

6. When the possibility of staying in one body for a longer time was brought up, I wanted more. I thirst for more and I hoped that A would choose to stay and A can have a happy ending. I love happy endings.

7. When A was finally letting Rhiannon go, it was so painful that I could not stop even if I had to read it in the MRT that I had to cry silently.

8. Nathan is scary psycho bitch and so is Poole. I believe that to stay in a body that’s not yours is not only an act of invading someone else’s body and thoughts, it is actually murder of an actual living person. Robbing someone of the life they should be experiencing.

9. The story reinforces that everyday is totally different from the day before and to the next and how important the ‘now’ is.

10. I would not change the ending. I would’ve run too.

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