Thoughts on “The Words”

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We all have to make choices. The hard part is living with them.

And just like that I felt my mommy’s telling me: ‘fix your papers anak, kung hindi saying citizenship’. So I had to make a choice. The hard part is I get to live the consequences of it after. And what are those, I can only tell.

Other thoughts:

1. Double standards are everywhere. Not only in the Philippines but even in America. When Rory (played by Brad Coooper) got published, he suddenly enjoyed all the nice things in the world and that includes a nice table in a fancy restaurant.

2. The Old Man died along with the secret, which only he and Rory shared. So what was the point of him confronting Rory if he would only let it go?

3. Cont. of #2 so how do you right a wrong? That is in Rory’s case. How does he credit the Old Man for what he wrote?

4.The scene where Celia got a new family broke my heart as if I was Ben Barnes’ character. I was not the Young Man but I wanted to tell him that it could have been him. They could have tried one more time to create a family of their own. They could have had a happy ending but they did not.

5. Why didn’t they (Celia and the Young Man) try again? WHY WHY WHY WHY??

6.When you least expect things, they happen. While Rory was pushing all his works to get publish, it never did. But when he was happily settling down as a messenger, his boss suddenly called him in and asked about his work.

7.And this brings us to: we get too comfortable sometimes in the situation that we are in that we just settle. We believe that being okay is good and then we tend to forget our dreams.

8.The things that hurt us in life are the same things that motivate us to become better people.

The answer for #5, quoting the Old Man:

“For a time they tried to patch things up together, but you cant erase the past. No matter how much you want to”

I want to forget but there is a past I keep looking back to. I want to be free.

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