In a parallel universe

In a parallel universe, I would be in a country where I barely love the weather. I would be wrapped up in layers of clothing that itch their way through my skin. Maybe I am happy or maybe I am not. I would still be living with my parents constantly fighting with each one of them alternately. But definitely I would always be in moody terms with my sister. Something absolute. But we will remain to be civil.


In a parallel universe, I would have spent all my money and savings watching concerts that I do not even like so to say I have a grander life than before. I would constantly be hanging out with selected friends whose number I could count through my fingers.


In a parallel universe, I may be in a job that I really would not want but certainly can guarantee more money than what I am earning right now from a job I am enjoying.


In a parallel universe I may be pursuing a specialization because that would be the most rational thing to do aside from studying another 4 years or so.


In a parallel universe, I am sure I am no longer with you and I am not sure if that version of me is happier but I am sure the version without you is a version I would not want to be. 

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