Shire x Kill Bill

wedding peg

I think I MAY have found a wedding peg while watching the Hart of Dixie show.  Except that I do not want the Star Wars touch. I mean I am good with the LOTR x Kill Bill cross. I am the Bride and Edward is obviously Bill, DUH. And while I walk down the altar, the trademark whistle from Kill Bill shall play and I would live happily ever after.

But the point here is I am thinking about wedding. I said I do not want to get married until I am 28 but here I am causally telling the cyber world that may be I am thinking about it a little. But with all the brides to be around me at work (actually isa lang), I just couldn’t help but imagine mine also. I expressed before that I want to live in a Shire-like home someday and my wedding is a premise to that wish and goal. In my wedding, there should be a Shire-like touch during the entourage and along the aisle. If not, I will refuse marriage. Kidding. And this photo certainly has a wedding feel to it. I just wanted to share!

ericka mercs

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