Person who shall not be named

It was the very unlikely place to meet you. I was not expecting it but it felt so damn good that I was, in fact, ready. I was ready when we finally crossed path. To you who caused me so much insecurity in my life, to question even myself when I did not even have to, I have to say: I am sorry but I am not at all impressed by what I saw. Two years ago was all a fluke for you. Unbelievably, I got you overrated. Frankly, I should blame myself for that. And I know well in my heart that you saw me as well and I am very well glad you did. You were the nightmare I shouldn’t have dreaming about. Now, I am almost there in erasing you from my memory. I would occasionally still talk about you, but there is nothing to it. You are just a news that is passing every day intended to be forgotten the next. This is the closure I needed for so long. A closure I could not even bring myself to. I can’t believe I let myself suffer for that. I am almost finally ready to move on.


Credits: Ronald Ganadin

Worldbex 2013, Thursday, March 14

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