When I was a kid, I thought that the word “soulmate” is meant for romantic purposes only. For instance, the person you are to marry in the future. Little did I know that a soulmate is actually someone you feel a deep connection to, naturally. Maybe you hadn’t foreseen it but definitely you never forced it. You might not know it the first time you two met but you will just feel it. And that is exactly how my relationship with Janina felt like. WE ARE SOULMATES, GAAAYS! 😛


Dearest Jajabass,

I remember moving out to Canada. You were one of the few people who actually felt that I was gone. I mean, we spent an awful lot of time together sharing God knows what. I felt that I abandoned you. Every time I do something fun in the cold North, I felt that it is incomplete because I was not able to share it with you. I honestly thought that we’d just grow apart and we’d just move on with our lives. But hello, here we are again like we were not apart for years. Things were exactly how we left them between us – same old kabalahuraan, same old kawalanghiyaan and same old kabulastugan. Hehehehe. We would be like our dads in the future (not the texting ‘he3’ part). We would know when to say things when we needed to say it. We would know when to drive each other to places we needed to be in. We would have each other until then from now.

I know that writing this post for you is utterly unoriginal because most probably there would be a LOT of people doing more special things for you now that you are turning a year older. But this is how it will go down for you and me. I can tell that to date, you are in the best position of your life – finishing university with outstanding honors, belonging to the top economics/commerce students in the whole of Philippines, having a complete family, loving friends and a lot of admirers (but you know what I mean here). I mean damn it, what more could you wish for? You are like Carrie in Carrie Diaries, only you have straight hair while she has a nest for a hair. But you know why you have those blessings? Because you attract the good. God gives you the good because you deserve it. There would be more, just don’t be overwhelmed. And remember to be grateful. There would be times that insecurity just comes crawling in, shut it out. Let me help you shut it out like how you do it for me. You are one of the strongest people I know. I am not sure if I have told you that just through your words, you helped me pull through my darkest days (so cheesy but true).


Before I forget, let me be clear that I am writing this post to greet you a warm happy blessed birthday! Ang haba kasi ng prologo ko sa taas, ang layo ng focus 😛 Anyhow, I love you from the bottom of my oil-infested but still-beating heart. I LOVE YOU JAJABASS!!! 🙂 I AM VERY PROUD OF WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME (parang nanay at tatay lang ang peg). I’m sure your folks are too. Keep the dream alive!


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