Breaking Traditions

My family and I are used to traditions. Traditions exist, anyway, so we have something to get used to. Every Holy Week, my sister, my mom and some of our cousins join the Annual Holy Week Procession in Pulilan, Bulacan. The procession is a parade of huge floats depicting and representing different images in the Bible relevant to Holy Week. When we moved to Canada, we shifted our tradition to working during the Holy Week or probably resting during the Holy Week. No more procession with huge floats.

This 2013, I spent the Holy Week working half the workweek and then flying off somewhere less congested than Manila. I went to Iloilo and stayed until Black Saturday. Honestly, I only slept in for the most part – I needed rest. But the thing about going there and visiting my soon to be in-laws (YEHESSSS kung maka-claim wagas), is I get to experience the place in its raw-est form. The air is nothing but fresh. The foods are all produce. I have so much fiber in my system. I am still cleansing my colons as I type. For very little time, I get to be part of their living.

I reflect and thank the Lord for all the things He blessed us with including water, which we freely access through proper irrigation and technology in Manila. In Iloilo there are places that still uses drums just to store water for future use. They even recycle water from washing clothes to flushing. Some people rarely get the chance to visit Manila let alone their main city. I get to live in Manila, for crying out loud. But they are closer to nature. They do less harm for the environment. They do less damage in totality. I remember reading The Fault In Our Stars and how the main character wanted to leave less damage to the world. I kind of get it now. It does not necessarily mean she is not living her life but she actually cares for the planet enough not to make bad things to it.

I am a big fan of traditions but this year is definitely out of it. I am so glad it happened. Bye Iloilo!!!


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