The Fault in Our Stars and Before I Die (No Comparing!)


I was very wrong to say that ‘hey this book and that book are just the same’. I was dumb to say it. I am sorry. So I really wanted to compare and contrast Before I Die (BID) VS The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS) with the two main characters battling the C- word but never mind. Let me just list down my thoughts on them:

  1. Augustus Waters won me over a couple of witty lines here and there. I cried like there was no tomorrow when I was reading his letter to Peter Van Houten at the very end of the book.
  2. I like how there is a book reference of the American Imperial Affliction in TFIOS. I think using a book reference in a book is clever. It is like being inceptionized.
  3.  The leglessness of Gus and the cannula+ air tank dependency of Hazel Grace did not, in anyway, decrease my love for the characters. It only help romanticize them both, in a very unique way.
  4. BID felt so real with Tessa’s narration of daily events hearing through her voice the immense ordinariness of her everyday. But in the end, she realizes that the ordinariness makes up her existence more special. And that simple things matter so much but are often overlooked.
  5. The falling in love stages of Tessa and Adam were well built up, it did not happen in a grand or overt manner but it developed overtime starting from the usual stalking and teasing phase. It was slow but closer to reality type of description.
  6. In both books, I sometimes feel the urge to tell Tessa and Hazel Grace: “damn it! Live your lives, sweeties, while you still can, cause you still can”. Easy for me to say it because I don’t know how it feels. I don’t understand the situation, cause no matter how many books I have read, cancer patients face very tough battles, which nothing could ever justify.
  7. In both books too, even when it was not emphasized, their commonality lies within the compassionate and caring parents both Tessa and Hazel Grace have.  Allowing me to say that, family is constant. More so, when you need them the most.
  8. I am so glad that these two books are both turning into a movie. I have yet to download Now is Good (BID’s movie version starring Dakota Fanning). I also have yet to wait for Shailene Woodley’s portrayal of Hazel Grace. I wonder who’s going to play Gus.
  9. I honestly did not understand BID’s ending the first time. I thought I downloaded an unfinished version of its epub file. But well, after reading reviews, I have yet to say that I got the right copy confirming I just didn’t understand the end of it. TFIOS was simpler. I got it the first time I read it. It is just that, I was not able to continue reading further on cause my eyes were a blur because of too much tears in my eyes. You, Gus, you!
  10. If I have to read one of the two again, I would enjoy TFIOS.

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