I am coming back to Toronto

Dear brothers and sisters in faith, I am giving Canada a second shot. I may still hated its weather, cursed the cheapness of its food (that makes me fat), and its overall geographical distance from my love but I am coming back to it. I know it is sudden and some of my friends say that I am pregnant, I can attest to you that I am not (see next post : Boracay). Also, my boyfriend and I have not broken up, we are still happily together and strong (see also next post : Boracay).

But the thing is, this is I coming back to the country with my own decision, without any circumstances forcing me to do so. It is my OWN and FREE WILL unlike before when I was still younger. I did not have any options then. This time around, I chose to be in the state. So IF you see me complaining on twitter or Facebook about the country, I had wanted it so I deserve it.

When I first came to Toronto, I just hated it without really giving it any chances. It was like a classmate I hated in High School just because. That was why even if I had new things I was only able to do in Toronto, I was not able to appreciate it. Not even a bit. I was simply ungrateful and stubborn. But now after living in Manila for awhile, I understood what everybody else was saying about how much people would kill just to be in the country. I was too blessed but was too bind to see it. But now I already do. SO PLEASE STOP JUDGING ME and JUST LET ME BE. This is my life anyway.



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