LaBoracay 2013 SG Style

And since it is 38 Degrees Celsius in Metro Manila, it is imperative to hit the beach. And what can be the most mainstream of all beaches? BORACAY!!!

And who to beach with? THE SG!!! I call this awesome group the Spice Girls cause they are all fab like that. Official hashtag of the trip: #SGxLaBoracay2013 

The SG was divided into two groups going to that famous White Beach. The first group: Joanna, Arven, Paul, Nash and Jena. They stayed in Boracay for a week and were all punished with/at work after. HEHEHEHEHEHE. They arrived 3 or 4 days earlier than us (the second group). The second group: Ericka, Edward, Jona and Ana (Edward is not part of the SG, he is my plus one hihi). We stayed for 4 days and 3 nights. We arrived May 3 at 7ish at night. We stayed at Beach Comber Resort, Station 1. We were just in time for the Labor Day Weekend aka LaBoracay 2013. 

Day 1: Tibraz + Juice Bar

Jona, Ana, Edward and I arrived Friday night, May 3. The first thing we did was to…*drum roll please* eat. We chose Tibraz for our dinner. It was relatively affordable though if you are on a tight budget, it was not at all that worth it. You could’ve eaten somewhere cheaper that would probably have the same effect of making you full.


GOW!!! Order lang ng order


Uyyy si Edwards, kinukuhaan ako ng stolen. Gandang ganda sakin or sa candle!

IMG_0486 976888_10201264758482351_491275536_o

Next stop, we headed to the nightlife. The truth was, I really did not want to go. My tolerance for puyat was not really that high anymore. I have to admit that I am good as a lola when it comes to puyatan. I could not keep up with my awesome friends with their nighttime activities. But I went because I wanted to show off. Kidding. I wanted to try it out with Edward because we have never done this before together. In the end, we headed back to our hotel earlier than everybody else. HILONG HILO ako sa 10% Bacardi and 90% Sprite mixed drink. WHAT THE HELL.


Proof. Hashtag medyo wasted ka, ERICKA ANA.


Regram from Nash Albacea

Day 2: Water activities + Sunset Party + Jonah’s + KO

We got a good deal with the fun water activities care of Kuya Loy. If you want a good deal, contact Kuya Loy here: 0946 709 8553. With just a number of four (4) heads plus paying only Php 2,800 each, we got to experience not only water but as well as land activities. Our package includes: Island Hopping, Helmet Diving, Fly Fish, Zorb, ATV (Day 3) and Parasailing (Day 3).


The Brave Foursome.


‘Te sige party ka pa kagabi ah. Pagoda ka ngayon. 


Wala pa si Kuya Loy so we took the opportunity to take a picture. Bwahahaha.

Island Hopping (+ Snorkelling)


Puka Beches


Fantastic Four in Puka Beach


Lunch in Puka featuring our cheesy couple tops. wag ka, pinaghandaan



Yung totoo, sino nag enjoy sa island hopping?

316347_10200646731205094_488342911_n 197735_10200646731365098_1461390091_n

Lunch Break (at Cafe del Mar)

photo-16 photo-17



gaganda ng friends ko, taray!

Helmet Diving

282253_10200646734485176_571382839_n-1 465790_10200641863483404_2132308646_o 920963_10200641800961841_708814939_o

935718_10200646744445425_334636989_n 182783_10200646746565478_849046427_n

Fly Fish


Medyo competitive ka Edward sa jump shot. This is not a competition, babe

944127_10200646753205644_1613617984_n 198853_10200646755285696_1626231690_n 946373_10200646756485726_563466215_n 253503_10200646757165743_5985072_n



302967_10200646760765833_1387030018_n-1 431879_10200646761525852_1374029871_n 183131_10200647234217669_1659011439_n 268813_10200647234497676_301229165_n

On a side note…

I just want to build up Kuya Loy more. Kuya Loy was one hell of a photographer. He would ask us to do jump shots and he even took two of my favorite pictures among the pictures we had in Boracay (Pang Pre Nup na ‘to). HEHEHEHEHE!!! But this was all made possible because of Joanna Armendez’ underwater camera. Love you girl.


The ship that is proven unsinkable. San ka pa, water, air, fire and earth, keri!


With all these activities, I did not want to go to another beach party. But I was sure glad I dragged myself into it. Sunset Party was crazy. Everyone was half naked and everyone’s sweating and dancing and drinking and not giving a shit (+ trying to hook up). I did not need to hook up cause I’ve got the hook up of my life by my side (AWWW EDWAAAARD!!!!!). There were celebrities and models cocooned with their own group as we were. And I saw how normal they were all too like us. After we put our group back together, we headed to the famous Jonah’s! It was heaven.



My hook-up for life 😛


Bebg Jel

705257_10201264831804184_1440976038_o 225777_10200646761885861_1978937679_n 247008_10200646762685881_1672724299_n 941335_10200646762365873_352515256_n

Day 3: Activities + Paraw + Sunset Pictorial

I wanted to note that after our Jonah’s dinner, immediately after reaching our room, I was KO-ed. I could not believe I even missed brushing my teeth. TMI. EWWWW. I went straight to dreamland and dreamt away, too far away. Day 3 was the tamest of all days because nobody bothered to drink anymore. Some took in their me-times but the foursome went on to more land/water activities.



uto utong girlfriend. “babe pose ka oh, kay doraemon” pose naman ako!


pero mas nauto kami ni ping. “pose na kayo oh couple shot.. with doraemon”

4 5 6 7 8 9 10




736724_10201264933646730_999896952_o 967255_10201264934766758_1986374540_o 977158_10201264945327022_1170148508_o


215270_10200646793966663_1049802061_n 225683_10200646796846735_627096857_n

525383_10200646793766658_1831094339_n 923277_10200646795206694_1525534553_n

Sunset Pictorial

981581_10201265028129092_2039056445_o 981795_10201265039489376_1385148235_o DSC_0514 DSC_0549 DSC_0552 DSC_0564




(c) All photos are from Joanna Armendez, Nash Albacea, Edward Estandarte and Paul Cortes.


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