Alan and Berna’s Saloon

This post is going to be called Alan and Berna’s Saloon.

After posting my LaBoracay2013 post, I felt immediately guilty because I was not able to include one of the special friends I have in my life!!! Berna, I am so sorry!!! Here is a post for you to make bawi.

But of course, you have to share this with the main man of your life, Alan. Hehe.

Two days before I left the Philippines, Berna and Alan hosted a merienda/early dinner for me. Kasi aalis na nga ako ‘diba? Pero the truth was I kind of invited myself but hey they said it was okay too. Berna had always been this kind and generous. I remembered during our college days she would host an overnight or two as well.


Blair Waldorf lang ang peg ng party. Love it!!!

I am writing this post to thank you for the hospitality you couple showed me. Also, I am writing this to tell you to push with your Saloon Business Plan. PUSH IT PLEASE!!!

Berna’s concept was to create this Saloon where people can only talk about intellectual things. And of course, when Berna said that during the merienda despedida, nobody talked. Haha. But seriously, I am looking forward to it. You would be successful since you and Alan can tag team. I love you, Berna! And one of your shippers niyo ako ni Alan. Spread the love. I miss you to bits! ❤

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