Prodigal Daughter

“You don’t turn your back on family, even when they do”

So maybe I cried a little during that scene from Fast 6. I remembered my family, my mom, my dad and my annoying sister whom I think I have turned my back on when I left for the Philippines. I selfishly lived it up in Manila and forgot all about my family in Toronto. Hey, but now I am back and I am making bawi by tending to all their needs (peg: maid).

In time with the celebration of Father’s Day, I would like to make an entry about my dad. I want this entry to be honest and straightforward. So let me say that I hated my father when I was little. He would smoke and drink, excessively. I would ask him to stop because I did not want to develop lung cancer but he did not listen. I told him not to drink too much cause he becomes scary once he was intoxicated but that did not stop either. Until my prayers were answered one day when he got sick. And from then on, he changed his ways. He stopped smoking altogether. The drinking was still there but the problem was solved once we moved to Canada. God is good. God worked in a very unexpected way.

I am not writing this to talk shit about my dad because he is my dad after all. I just want everyone to know that my dad may not be a perfect dad but I admire his devotion to the Lord and his unwavering faith. He taught me how to not worry too much. I am a worrier and he knew that. He taught me the art of letting go and letting God. He taught me to depend on myself but constantly looking out for me, always ready to help in case I fall or fail. He let me be who I want to be even supporting my crazy dreams and quips. He was always proud of what I have become and the choices I made for myself never taking any credit but giving it all to me.

I know that it seems so late that we are getting along fine just now that I am already 24, but I am happy it was not too late for us. I am thankful for the Lord that you were the father assigned to me when I was still in heaven and God was still looking for a perfect match for a baby and dad pairing. I know you are not wired to be a cheesy person so you always put everything into a joke but believe me I understand it each time you do that. I appreciate all the serious talks we had though it might not have been many. I do not blame you for who or what you did in the past, the most important thing is now. And now is good for us. I love you daddy.

           Thanking you for not turning your back on me even when I kind of did.

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