Dear Grudge


Post inspired by the Daily Post

Dear Grudge,

You look familiar. Must have I seen you from a movie or did I read about you somewhere? Oh I remember now. It was from a Korean movie where there was an alien -looking kid who does not know when to give up. The kid would not quit and it would chase someone until the person dies. That was you, right? I never liked you then. You were such a cruel villain I simply could not escape and hate. I mean, how can I hate you so much when I understood where you were coming from? You were a victim once too and you were only living it up for revenge. But you know what, there is a reason why you are associated with the past, it is simply because you belong there. You were a victim before but it does not give you the right to stay in the present and get even. No, it is not the way to go. Getting even? Is that what you really want? Getting even only means stooping down to the level of the person whom you loathe the most. Do you want that? Do you want to be that person? You have to let it be and accept the fact that the world is moving on. Why not move on too? To good and better things. Do not be stuck in hatred and shield yourself from actually feeling happiness. When you still can. It is not too late. You can still be happy if you let yourself be involved in the present. Be with the present and don’t hold the past as yours.  

I am glad that acceptance freed me. And everyday I try to choose and stand by the choice I made to forget and move past you. I am over you. Goodbye and never return. Please and thank you. 

 – E

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