Loving your decisions

Post inspired by Daily Post.

I have always gone around my fears. I never actually had any problems dealing with them. But what I did not know about fear is how sometimes it does not show up to your face but it actually creeps its way in. I did not reckon that moving to another country would be a fear I would not be able to recognize as a fear, not a few years after. I though I just hated the move but it is actually fear – fear of the unknown. It is a risk taken by my parents planned long ago. But now the choice is mine. Do I risk and go on or do I retrieve back to where familiarity is more felt?

It is too uncomfortable to step out of familiarity. But it is myself who has to decide if I stick to familiarity or I step out of it, my comfort zone. The biggest risk is to fully accept the fact that I am no longer planted in the soil I knew too well but I have to re-plant myself in a new soil where I could possibly fail but where I will definitely learn new and different things. The risk lies in fully loving my decision, trusting my decision and then finally letting it be. The risk is in taking everyday as it is, immersing in the culture, involving in the community, and best of all, experiencing the way of life in my new home and worrying less about what lies ahead. Those are some pretty big risks for a girl who always plans ahead. To be able to do these things, I should fully understand that I am not forgetting my old home with the special people in it, the special memories I had created in it and the connections I made from it but it is incorporating the new and the old. And then making a good solid ground where I can finally leap, take the risk, conquer the fear and live.


Photo grabbed from Pinterest

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