Im Bebe and you know it


Post inspired by Daily Post

Bebe is a nickname I acquired during my university years. It is a form of irony, an artful contradiction. It stands as my tagline in life. It is not associated with the store neither the brand. It is not in association with something tiny or cute as a “baby“. It is not associated with a term of endearment like “bebe girl“. It originated from my dislike of those associations actually. Bebe came about when I was attending my Spanish class. Our professor was teaching us about the word BEBER which means to drink and by conjugating the word you get to use it as different verbs (as bebi, bebo, bebemos, etc). Our professor would let us practice what we have learned through conversing with our peers. What my friends and I usually do was to talk about how ridiculous the words sounded. But for that particular word, BEBER, our comment was that it was a word commonly used by couples as a term of endearment and how cheesy it sounded. I was more vocal than my friends on how I would never use such a term.

Surprise, surprise, I am now called Bebe and my boyfriend calls me Babe! WHAT AN IRONY!!! So there you have it. Bebe is my tagline, an artful contradiction of the things I like and my associations. And the moral: do not be a hater ’cause you’ll never know what might happen.

2 thoughts on “Im Bebe and you know it

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