Toronto: A Multi-Cultural City of Kindness

Inspired by the Daily Post.

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I know that Manila is known for its hospitality especially the warm smiles that welcome people from all over the world. But Toronto, no matter how multi cultural and cold (temperature-wise) it is, simply vibrates a kindness and warmth to its migrants. This is the kindness with complete strangers that I would like to share with you today. Here are some of the simple acts of kindness from the Canadians that a migrant like me get to experience in the busy Toronto setting.

I have been born and raised in the Philippines but never in my Philippine existence did a stranger ask how am I doing during an elevator ride. Sure, it spells hitting on in a Philippine context. But here in Toronto, it is just a normal gesture to sincerely know how you are doing. When people get off the bus, here in Toronto, they thank the drivers. When they get on the bus, they let the old, disabled and women go in first. Everyone says hi and it does not cause discomfort. These are simple acts of kindness but they mean a lot. People always try to help one another. If you are lost you can ask strangers and they will help you out. They won’t take advantage of you or mug you. In my university library, I can ask a fellow university student to look after my things when I need to use the washroom. People don’t cut the line because they respect others’ time. People are always prompt because they are considerate of others’ schedule. They ask for your pardon if they are not able to hear what you said and asks you to say it again. They say excuse me. They say please if they are asking you a favour. These are only some but there are so much more.

Not only Canadians are friendly, and considerate but they are the most generous too. And the greatest manifestation of that is our free Health Care. You can’t find it anywhere else. Toronto is one of the most diverse but easily one of the kindest city. The city has friendly, considerate and generous strangers I have met in my life. And I am glad I am part of its community now.

My religion is very simple. 

My religion is kindness. 

Dalai Lama


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