This is.. The Voice.

This only happened recently while I was watching The Voice Finale. Since we do not have cable (we have a TV but no cable), I opted for a live stream of the finale. I got a working link so I was fairly happy though it lagged occasionally. The show was almost two hours before they finally announce The Voice among the three finalists. So I watched through all the performances. I saw Bruno Mars’ Treasure. I jammed with Pit Bull and Christina Aguilera’s Feel This Moment. I get kilig over Danielle Bradbery and Hunter Hayes’ I Want Crazy. I endured through Swon Brothers’ performances. I laughed through the mini segments and the spelling bees by Shakira. I watched Adam and Blake rekindled their bromance. I laughed so hard when Blake impersonated Usher’s coaching techniques. I was surprised along with the finalist when they were given cars.

But you know where I stopped? I stopped watching in the middle of Team Usher’s performance with Michelle Chamuel. That was the performance right before Cher. Then I decided to take a very quick shower. I told myself that, “hey I can do it in 5 minutes, I am a fast shower-er.”  But that was where I was very wrong. Very wrong, I tell ‘ya. Just after what I call as my very fast shower, there on my live stream, THE NEWS!!! OH MY GOD, I JUST MISSED THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WINNER OF THE VOICE!!! I missed the very reason why I even watched and endured through the low quality of the live stream version. I feel like Gandalf saying “YOU FOOL!!!” Yeah, Gandalf, I was a fool. Very wrong decision but very funny to say the least.

I would like to mention my thanks to Twitter for the update on who won though the pain still remains. I am never ever going to take a shower in between shows, ever again. Never ever ever ever. I will never look at showering the same way again. Lesson learned.

And this was what I have missed. Congrats, Danielle Bradbery!


Post inspired by Daily Post.

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