The Domestication of E

I have always wanted to originally create a how-to or self help blog, if you will. The reason behind is, I simply wanted not to only share my experiences but be able to help others from what I know. Its cause I thought that probably more than half of the people I know would benefit from what I can share. But the thing is, I don’t have much extensive and expert knowledge on a specific subject matter so I was not able to do it. I envy those fashion blogs that contain simple steps on how to create smoky eyes or those that can teach you how to do fishtail braid. I envy those travel blogs that give tips where and how to enjoy a certain destination.

I am not an expert of anything so I decided to create a personal blog where I share my experiences and hopefully affect a change on people. Most of my entries are from my heart, which I shamelessly share to my few readers. I do not do this to get attention. I write so my readers could learn from my mistakes, make them laugh through my stories, and bring them good vibes all day, everyday 🙂 Now, if I were an expert at anything, I would have chosen something like what I did below. Come on now and let us pretend that I am a food blogger in my own right. Post inspired by Daily Post.

I have been proudly domesticating myself this past month and I have been trying to learn the art of cooking. Cooking not just any fried food. Cooking something that involves effort. So today I would like to share how I prepared this meal all by myself. It’s so easy!


Beef Steak + Strawberry Banana Shake

Beef Steak (Bistek)

What you need:





Soy Sauce


What to do:


Cut the beef into tiny strips.

Marinade the beef using soy sauce and lemon (leave it on the fridge for a day).

Dice the garlic.

Cut the onions.


Heat the oil in your pan.

Sautee the garlic.

Wait until it is golden brown.

Put in the marinated beef into the pan.

Wait for the beef to cook.

Add the onions on top.

Serve and enjoy!

Strawberry Banana

What you need:




Ice cubes


What to do:

Slice the banana and strawberry.

Put all the ingredients into the blender.

Wait til all the ingredients are blended.

Serve and enjoy!


Hope you learn something new! Til the next post 🙂

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