My Religion

Inspired by the Daily Post.

I strongly live by the two greatest commandments:

1. Love God above all with all your heart, with all your soul, with your entire mind and with all your whole strength.

2. Love your neighbors as you love yourself.

I am a proud Catholic. My mom and dad’s families are proud Catholics too. But I don’t mean to categorize people based on their religion. I mirror people but I based my actions on how I would want to be treated back. I share my faith to those who have the same beliefs as mine and I respect those who differ from mine. Ultimately, my morals come from my faith and my family. I hold strong importance on these two. I am Catholic but I am not saying that I am superior than any other person belonging to another religion. I try my best to be a good Catholic but often times I fail. I give importance to Sunday masses, to the sacraments of the church, to praying the rosary, and to valuing the word of God. And when it comes to religion this is what I believe in:

The beliefs are

almost always the same; it’s just that the histories are different.

Everybody wants to believe in a higher power. Everybody wants

to belong to something bigger than themselves

(excerpt from Everyday by David Levithan)

I respect people who have found their own faith. Everyone is free to choose. Each of us are granted free will to have one. But not having any? That is what I don’t understand. People who stand for no one but themselves. What happened to believing in a higher power? What, then, do you believe? Who/What is your higher power that you want to belong to? I do not intend to argue. My intention is to understand. Maybe, just maybe, these people have their own reasons behind it but I don’t get it and I would be lying if I were to say that I respect people who have no faith at all.

I believe in a higher power and for me that is God so I want to belong to him above all else. I believe in the church but not all the people who are in it. But that does not mean I condemn them. But most of all, I believe that every human being in this world deserves love.

And for people who do not share my worldview, I respect them, I pray for them and then I just let them be. I am no God to judge.

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