I am a Netizen

I am a Netizen. Netizens are the people who are actively involved online. Well, yes, most of the time I am online. So that makes me a Netizen. I belong to this modern world. There is no era I would rather be than here. Right now. In this modern era, relationships seem to be built on a shallow ground. It tends to be based on who likes your status, who follows you on Twitter and basically who interacts with you on the web. But what I think is, it actually transcends through physical contact and makes people more connected than ever.


When your best friend posts a status on Facebook, it is imperative that you like it. You follow your friends on Twitter, you follow them on Instagram, and you make a group on Viber or WeChat so you can share with them whatever inside jokes you have. You Facetime with them and you I-message/BBM them on a daily basis. You favorite your friends’ tweets and you tag your family on your posts, pictures or videos. It sure sounds distant and unattached. It vibrates shallowness of the relationship that you build. But you know what, it does not.

Because in every like, in every following, in every sharing of stories on these social media sites, there is an effort that you are checking out on each other even when you are miles apart. That maybe you are occupied within most of the day but you made an effort to reply to their tweets or to their inbox messages. And you even took the time to read what they shared to you. Nowadays, everyone seems busy ticking their smart phones but each tap on their screen sends a concern, suggests a message of care, and urges a connection. We connect but only in a different way the other eras might not understand. But we do. It is something only we know. There is a common space created for our era to exist and to thrive, to make dreams into a reality and to participate in conversations and for voices to be heard.

How many talents have been discovered because of Youtube?

How many petitions have been created and heard because of online rallies?

How many business started through social media sites?

How many jobs have been found through LinkedIn?

How many relationships survive because of the modern era?

I know one: Mine.

Every era is in fact different. It has something unique to say about its time. Perhaps the 21st century looks shallow than the others preceding it. But nonetheless, I live here and I love it here.

Post inspired by Daily Post.

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