If I could just see you tonight

I love to walk.


Walking gives you the validation that you control where you are going. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment that you know you are relying on yourself to reach your destination. I have diagnosed myself early on with motion sickness. Honestly I hate travelling because of the constant feeling of gagging. I simply hate it. Walking, on the other hand, is an activity I enjoyed and proven to be a therapeutic activity for me.

I remembered during my Senior High School year, I would walk a good 500 meters with my friends everyday to visit the Adoration Chapel. I know it is not a lot but it is a commitment everyday. During my university years, I would walk a good 8-kilometer every morning from my dormitory to CCP. Walking is a diversion. It is a therapy where I do not need music or company but only myself. I enjoy doing it best alone. Walking, though it might be the slowest, is also the oldest, healthiest and cheapest way of travel. So let me share a video that best describes how far I can go walking.

To be honest, I think Vanessa Carlton’s Thousand Miles is based on my life. Because I might hate travelling by plane, by bus, by train, by car or even by hot air balloon but you know what, I can walk a thousand and even million billion miles if I could just see you tonight, Edward.

Post inspired by Daily Post.

2 thoughts on “If I could just see you tonight

  1. You two beautiful creatures are so lucky to have each other ❤ Stay strong!

    And kudos to your writing skills! 🙂 Love you, bestie!

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