I want to start this post by sharing Bruno Mars’ Treasure. I am sharing this because it gives good vibes and the theme for this post would be the song’s title.

There are many moments in my life that I treasure because I have spent it with my loved ones and thus making me feel happy. But to think about a moment that teaches me a lesson about myself is hard. It is hard to admit that you have been served and owned by a moment. It takes a lot of self-reflecting and acceptance that you can actually learn from whatever it is that happened.

The moment I treasure the most that taught me a lot about myself is the moment when I chose to leave my family in Toronto and live by myself in the Philippines (but don’t worry, I am back now with my family after 11 months). Many called me stupid. I excuse and bless you. But that very move, stupid sounding might be for many, helped me to discover things on my own: about me, my family, my relationship, and in general, about my life.

I acted impulsively and I defended my move to a lot of people. I tire explaining about my decision over and over again. I just wanted to live my life, why don’t they let me? But after some months, they finally got it. Or maybe I thought they did. I lived like any other human being and I was able to get the validation I had wanted. I got to experience the so-called freedom I thought I wanted for myself. I was happy.  But every now and then I would think back home, about my mom. I would think hard about her and how old she is getting and how she probably needed my help. Each time I go to the mall and I see someone that looks like her, I would start to tear up but I try so damn hard to fight it so my tears won’t fall. Then I would think about my decision. Again and again. It is not because I missed her but it is because I knew she needed me. Maybe not financially, but she needs my presence. She needs me to be there so she could be at peace. So she would know that one of her two daughters is safe. She has to see it. It took me months to realize it, that I have to be there for her because she was there all my life when I needed her. It is finally time for a payback.

Going back home to Manila,  I get to enjoy a lot of up and down time with Edward. I treasured every moment I was with him. I wanted to be with him all day, every day if I could. Our time spent apart did not change anything at all. In fact, it just made it sweeter for some reason. You just feel the kilig more (hashtag kiligdemon). That was what I discovered about my relationship, that it could only get stronger if you worked hard for it and you remain faithful to one another. It taught me that love is a decision. You decide on it everyday. You support your partner when they need it, more so when they say they don’t need it. You compromise. You communicate. You fight. You have to fight so there is something to fix. You discover new things together or as individuals so you won’t get bored. You help each other grow and be better.

That was only one moment but I already learned so much. It was a moment I decided and acted on. But that very moment was my treasure because I wouldn’t learn all these things and I wouldn’t be this strong if I didn’t make that moment happen. I had been taught.

Inspired by the Daily Post.

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