Camping In

Inspired by the Daily Post.

My very first contact with nature that I can remember well was my first hiking. It was in the Philippines. We climbed the foot (take note, only the foot) of Mount Arayat. I remember driving to the site where we would start our hike. There were four vans because we were a big family. It was all my relatives on my dad’s side. My dad has nine other siblings. So imagine them with their wife/ husband plus kid/s. I was in the van where all the kids were. I was happy seeing the mountain from afar and slowly making its way closer and closer to us until I can only see inside of it. I was inside that big mountain covered with vegetation. I was excited. I was bursting with energy and I wanted to start walking, climbing and tiring myself out just to experience nature.

But the truth is, no matter how I want to connect with nature, I can’t stand the thought of camping. I have not camped in my life. I do not plan to. Even if that is the one activity that everyone is enjoying this summer, I would not really like to participate. I can do a daytrip of hike but that is as far as I can go. I would rather sleep in my own bed, tucked in with my four pillows and curl up like a baby. Hey, no hates please. I am just being honest here.

Anyhow, since we are talking about nature today and it is almost time for Canada Day, let me share to you a trip that has something to do with these two words: Nature and Canada. Let me show you pictures from my African Lion Safari trip. See, it is both Nature and Canada, two themes in one post. Witty? Witty! Here you go!


Inside the tour bus going around the Safari where the wild animals are. WE ARE READY!!! Mercados – Sabaters bonding!


Lion King ang peg. Gusto kong isilid sa bag ko. Ay di pala kasya.


“Pinakamabilis daw sila tumakbo?”
“Ows. Sige nga pahabol ka”


Spot the sleeping Baboon (Bulagtang Baboon)
FUN FACT: He is the leader of the group and he is to eat first, as much as he wants (Yan tuloy bulagta siya).


FUN FACT: The white vertical lines is a cover to deceive their predators. They look skinny because of the lines thus unappetizing (so take note: in fashion, nakakapayat ang vertical lines, oha)


Face-to-face with an Ostrich
FUN FACT: Ostriches, aside from the only birds that cannot fly, have also the smallest brains. They also like to look at their own reflection. That’s why they’re peering through the bus that we’re in. ANG VAIN!!!


Too many Bambis!!


FUN FACT: They have the most graceful walk in the animal world. Oh parang America’s Next Top Model lang.


If I were an animal, I would be this Zebra. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Deads e. BULAGTA! INET NA INET???


My favorite animals inside the Safari. They’re so fluuuuuffeeeehhh!!!
DID YOU KNOW: Rhinos are vegetarians. But why are they so fat? Because they eat 200 servings of salad in a day.


Look at those Bisons getting ready for the summer and shedding their winter coats off. Hehehehe!


Swim, Elephans, swim!!!


Meet George (L) and Jake (R). Play dead!!!


Show offs!


Bird Show, everyone!


Free Boat Ride. Kems lang.


Free Train Ride. Another Kems.


Okay, masyado na kayo nag-enjoy. Next time uli.
George and Jake wish a Happy Canada Day to everyone!!!

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