Inspired by the Daily Post.

If I were the given the chance to be immortal, I would cry.

I would cry because I would be overwhelmed. I mean, who gets that unlimited chances? And who gets to relive their special moments again and again? And oh wait, if I were to be immortal, I would also have unlimited chances of making mistakes. That sounds tempting but I’d rather not. I would pass on that special potion and give it to someone else who wants it.

When I was younger, I told my mom that I wanted to live forever. And then she asked me one simple question that made me changed my mind from then moving forward. She asked me this:

What is the point of forever if you have outlived everyone else that you love?

And after some years, I realized it has some sense into it. Sure enough, when all your loved ones die, all the people you cared about, who do you live for then? What do you live for? Who do you share it with? I don’t want to be the last person on Earth because I chose to live forever while everybody else around me dies.


Then by destiny’s means, I was able to watch Tuck Everlasting. It was about a family who found the fountain of youth and had the ability to live forever. But you know what the sad part was even when they have all the time in the world?

They could not die.

So when Jesse Tuck fell in love with a mortal girl, he ended up outliving her. She grew old. She experienced the normal cycle of life but he did not. He was left by himself. He was left heartbroken because he remained young while the love if his life grew old and finally died. He, along with his family, lived an unlived life, always escaping the people who want to discover them. They could not live a normal life even if they wanted to. By refusing to become immortal along with the Tucks, Winnie, the mortal girl taught Jesse Tuck a very important lesson. And that is the thing to be scared of in this world is not a life not lived right but a life not lived at all. An unlived life is the worst kind of life.

One chance is enough. One life is enough. But you have to choose to live it.

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