Inspired by the Daily Post.

To be honest, I never had any considerations as to how a blog is great. I am not hard to please. When I find a blog useful for me, I check it out. But if I see that it is becoming too much, too commercialize, too nonsensical, I stop visiting it. I think blogs should have a balance. There shouldn’t be just one subject matter for its whole existence. I think I just failed that one criterion. My entries are almost too emotional.

Anyhow, here are some other things that make me follow a blog:

  1. I follow a blog that is relatable. For instance, if I am into fashion, I follow bloggers that showcase normal clothes a normal girl can wear. I prefer blogs that shows practical clothes instead of over-the-top ones. I mean I check your fashion blog for a reason and that is to have an idea what style is in at the moment.
  2. I follow a blog that is positive. I tend to be emotional and sometimes a negative person so I try to balance it out by checking blogs that give out good vibes. It is indeed refreshing.
  3. I follow a blog that is honest. I know that there is a rampant growth of paid bloggers around the web. And by the tone of an entry, I guess you can pretty much tell if it is a paid entry or not. A transparent blog would reflect and inspire a true genuine post.
  4. I follow a blog that inspires me to act. I know lifestyle blogs and health and fitness blogs are the kind of blogs that motivate me to act and workout. These blogs encourage me to be healthy and work hard to achieve my goal (may it be my food choices or losing weight).
  5. I follow a blog that is empowering. Be it a gender empowerment, a race empowerment, anything that pumps me up to aspire for something greater than the current state I am in. Empowering blogs also inspire to affect in a positive way.
  6. I follow a blog that teaches me a lesson. I check out blogs not to read some blogger’s rant. I read it so I could learn something from it. Given the chance that a blogger rants, I expect that at least at the end of the entry, there is a lesson that I can get from it.
  7. I follow a blog that entertains. This is my favorite kind of blog because at the end of the day, nothing beats a pleasant feeling by simply reading a post from another person’s perspective.
I hope you get something out of this entry. 

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